Rewards Points

Rewards Points - overview and usage:

3% back is giving to orders over $34.
The points are given in full increments - so if your order is under $34 (such as $15 or $20) the system is not able to apply fractional points (such as .45 or .6). 
The rewards points are applied to your account after your order ships - just in case there are changes to your order and such.
Any accrued points will show up in the first section of the cart/checkout "WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO DO NEXT?" it gives you options to apply discounts or points. You will need to enter any points here that you wish to use.

You can use as much of your points as you want per order - as long as there is at least $1 or so left at checkout - the payment system doesn't like it if you use 100% points for your order. So if you had 25 points and your total was $25 you can only use 24 points. 1 pt = $1